Health Care

Health Care*

Goal: Reduce employer costs, promote personal responsibility

The Kansas Chamber supports meaningful health care reform aimed at lowering the overall cost of health care so it is more affordable for employers and will encourage policies that:

  • Oppose government competition with the private market.
  • Oppose mandated employer-based coverage or payment.
  • Expand tax incentives available for employers and individuals choosing to purchase individual policies or health savings plans.
  • Defend the rights of employers to choose the plans they offer.
  • Support state-level implementation of policy measures which improve efficiency and effectiveness of health systems.
  • Support equal access for employers to purchase insurance through private exchanges.
  • Reduce cost-increasing mandates insurers are required to include in policies so that more affordable plans are available for employers.
  • Increase personal participation in health care purchasing.
  • Supports participating in Medicaid discussions focused on Kansas-based, private market solutions to ensure business community interests and concerns are represented.


*Both a Federal and State issue

*Both a Federal and State issue