Human Resource Issues

Human Resource Issues*

Goal: Reduce costs to promote growth

The Kansas Chamber supports policies that promote fairness and protect employer costs and will:

  • Support policies which maintain the integrity of the Employment Security Trust Fund, and accurately reflect the employer experience rating when determining contribution rates.
  • Encourage federal resolution to immigration reform and oppose state legislation increasing penalties or threatening the business licenses of employers who have unintentionally hired illegal workers. In the event Congress again fails to address the immigration situation, support legislation allowing states to implement guest worker programs that address each state’s particular workforce needs while protecting our borders from the criminal element.
  • Defend the workers’ compensation system and the recent reforms with policies that fairly compensate workers legitimately injured performing duties for their jobs, while maintaining low costs for employers.
  • Maintain fair labor practices by opposing unfair advantages for union organizations.
  • Oppose state-led efforts which put employers in conflict with federal discrimination laws.

* Both a Federal and State issue