Goal: Reduce taxes, encourage investment and growth

The Kansas Chamber urges the legislature to reduce the cost of doing business, and will encourage efforts to:

  • Oppose efforts to roll back the business tax cuts of 2012.
  • Support legislation which continues to move Kansas toward a zero income tax state on personal and corporate income.
  • Reduce government spending instead of increasing the cost of doing business through tax increases.
  • Oppose the sunset or repeal of existing sales tax exemptions on business.
  • Oppose efforts which would subject professional services to sales tax.
  • Retain and enhance tax incentives to include more flexible investment and job development tax credits with options for cash incentives.
  • Oppose elimination of the High Performance Incentive Program (HPIP) and reinstate the same qualifying investment 0thresholds for all Kansas counties.
  • Oppose efforts to freeze or eliminate the Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK) program.
  • Support strengthening public vote requirement when local government property tax revenue exceeds the rate of inflation.
  • Support legislation which moves Kansas from a destination-based state to an origin-based state for the purposes of collecting sales tax on intrastate transactions.
  • Reimburse retailers a percentage of the cost to comply with collecting and remitting sales and excise taxes to the state.
  • Encourage Federal and state resolution regarding collection of sales taxes by out-of-state, online-only retailers.
  • Improve the Kansas unclaimed property system to ensure it is fair for both owners and holders.
  • Oppose any proposal to redirect the current .4 cent sales tax dedicated to the State Highway Fund and support completion of the projects encompassed in the Comprehensive Highway Plan.
  • Support existing food sales tax credit program to help keep food affordable for low income families.

 *Both a Federal and State issue