Kansas Businesses Ask Governor to Support Bill that Stops State Tax Increases


Topeka, KS (May 9, 2019) The Kansas Chamber delivered a letter Thursday on behalf of Kansas businesses to Governor Laura Kelly, asking her to support House Bill 2033, legislation that protects Kansas families and businesses from unintended state tax increases caused by changes in federal tax codes. Nearly 70 businesses and business organizations signed the letter.

House Bill 2033 is a compromise tax bill that the Kansas business community supports,” said Alan Cobb, Kansas Chamber President and CEO. “We worked closely with legislators to draft a bill that balances the needs of the state and limits the negative impact of unintended tax increases. Without HB 2033, Kansas families and businesses will face yet another round of burdensome state tax increases.”

Cobb pointed out if Governor Laura Kelly fails to sign HB 2033 to law or to let it become law without her signature, Kansas will be in an uncompetitive position compared to more than 25 U.S. states who already have decoupled from all or some of the federal provisions. Those states include Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa and most recently, New Mexico, whose Democrat governor and Democrat-led legislature recognized the harmful financial impact their families and businesses would suffer if they didn’t act to avoid the unintended tax increases.

“Governor Kelly acknowledged when she vetoed the previous tax bill that the burden of not decoupling would be felt the most by some of our state’s largest employers,” Cobb said. “It is now up to her to decide whether, as she has claimed, she wants to be a bridge builder and work with the Kansas business community. We hope she seizes this opportunity to partner with Kansas businesses to stop the unintended state tax increases and signs HB 2033 into law.”

Once the bill is delivered to her, Governor Kelly will have ten days to either sign it into law; let it become law without her signature or veto it.


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