Kansas Chamber Statement on Passage of SB 231

March 20, 2014

The Kansas Chamber is extremely gratified with House passage of H Sub to SB 231 by a vote of 123-0. This Bill will ensure due process that is swift and fair to all taxpayers - something that is at the very foundation of any good tax system, and is a fundamental American value.

"The Kansas House is to be congratulated today for passage of this important tax reform legislation," said Mike O'Neal, President and CEO of the Kansas Chamber. 

"It's clear our Current Court of Tax Appeals process is broken. Inefficiencies, delays and a tremendous backlog of decisions are the current norm," O'Neal explained. "In addition, taxpayers are not afforded adequate opportunity to have their appeals considered within an appropriate legal framework. At the very least, Kansas citizens deserve treatment commensurate with what they would experience if dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. Today, our system is vastly less taxpayer-friendly than at the federal level."

"So, this is a very important first step. We now look to the Senate to help do the right thing for all Kansans, and provide Governor Brownback with the opportunity to sign this important legislation into law," O'Neal said.

"Passage of this legislation means citizens with both current and future tax appeals will receive a fresh opportunity to present their case to a true court of law. We salute the Kansas House for their leadership and sense of equity in a system that sorely needs it."


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