Kansas Chamber Statement on Exec. Order 15-05

July 9, 2015

TOPEKA, KAN. (July 8, 2015) - With Governor Brownback's issuance of Executive Order #15-05, Preservation and Protection of Religious Freedom, the Kansas Chamber believes that this constitutes an adequate response to the recent Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage such that further legislative action is unnecessary. In the past, the Kansas Chamber membership has voiced concern that legislative proposals in this area have been overbroad and have unnecessarily, if unintentionally, affected private sector businesses. None of our members wish to have business owners or their employees placed in an untenable position with regard to anti-discrimination laws. The Kansas Chamber Legislative Agenda includes opposition to "state-led efforts which put employers in conflict with federal discrimination laws."

Executive Order #15-05 is clearly limited to state government action involving clergy, religious leaders and religious organizations with regard to sincerely held religious beliefs. This, in our view, is sufficient and we recommend against any further proposals to expand the scope of this directive or existing state religious freedom law through legislation placing untenable burdens on private sector businesses.

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