2012 General Election

November 8, 2012

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Jeff Glendening
Kansas Chamber PAC

While the national political realities certainly weigh heavily on the minds of the business community today, there is much reason for optimism here in Kansas.

For the first time in decades, there will be a conservative, pro-business, pro-taxpayer Kansas Governor, Kansas House and Kansas Senate all serving at the same time.  Twenty-seven conservatives will be sworn-in to the Senate next January along with seventy conservatives in the House.

“There is little doubt the Kansas Chamber PAC played a vital role in the political transformation of Kansas.  Voters were foremost concerned about the issues we advocate – more private sector jobs and a government that is less burdensome and more fiscally responsible.  We worked hard to deliver that message at the doorstep, on the tv screen, through the radio, in mailboxes and over the phone,” said Kansas Chamber PAC Treasurer, Jeff Glendening.

“Kansas Democrats made this election a referendum on the Brownback administration, although the Governor was not on the ballot. They put forward a ‘Chicken Little’ strategy, trying to scare Kansans into believing that 'the sky is falling', that government knows best what to do with our taxpayers’ money,” said Kansas Chamber President and CEO, Mike O'Neal.

Instead, Kansas voters overwhelming endorsed an agenda to reduce our state tax burden and reduce the burden of government on Kansas businesses. Kansans endorsed pro-business, limited government candidates who want the state to succeed rather than fail.