2012 Primary Election

August 10, 2012

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Ivan Crossland
Kansas Chamber PAC

"We would first like to recognize all candidates for participating in the election process. Public service is a true sacrifice and calling. Regardless of political party or philosophical label, we thank all candidates for their willingness to serve.

The 2012 primary election advanced the ongoing battle for the direction of our state.  Kansas voters recognize that tax-and-spend policies have not produced a vibrant Kansas. Voters spoke in 2010 with the election of Governor Brownback, who campaigned on the promise to make Kansas the best place to invest. Voters' mandate in that election resulted in a profound change within the House of Representatives, transforming it from a tax-and-spend body to one of fiscal responsibility. Kansas voters again spoke last night against irresponsible spending and the attitude that government solves all problems.

Fiscal responsibility is a homegrown Kansas value - a tried-and-true principle lived out daily by families here in the heartland of America. Fiscal responsibility and essential government services are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to have a fiscally responsible government that efficiently offers quality essential services to its citizens.

We look forward to a spirited debate on the issues during this fall's general election and to advancing the principles of the free market during the next legislative session. Working together, Kansas can once again prosper and grow. We can do better and Kansas voters overwhelming voiced their agreement."

Statement by Kansas Chamber PAC Chairman Ivan Crossland