Chamber PAC Shows Early Support in Senate Primaries

January 10, 2012

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Ivan Crossland                                                              
Chamber PAC Chairman       

Topeka, KAN.  (January 10, 2012) – The Chamber PAC has shown early support for pro-business candidates in the 2012 primary elections.

The Chamber PAC’s agenda for the 2012 elections sets an aggressive goal to build a strong private sector in Kansas to make our state the best in which to do business. To achieve its goal effectively, the Chamber PAC is committed to supporting candidates who believe in free market principles, a competitive tax climate and responsible government spending.

For years, the Kansas Legislature has had a blank check for government spending with too little accountability. The Governor and Kansas House have demonstrated a willingness to support pro-business legislation. However, many serving currently in the Kansas Senate do not support the Chamber PAC’s agenda to create a business environment with limited government intrusion and a decreased tax burden.

The Senators the Chamber PAC has chosen to support desire to see a successful economic growth model – one that decreases the tax burden on an ever-shrinking private sector.  These candidates will support the private sector over the public sector.  They recognize that as the provider of most of the government’s revenue, the private sector needs relief.  It is that attitude that is needed to promote pro-business initiatives sponsored by the Kansas Chamber.

“During the difficult economic downturn, while businesses were tightening their belts to survive, some in the Kansas Senate opted for tax increases instead of responsible spending cuts,” said Chamber PAC Chairman Ivan Crossland. “Bloated state budgets, increased taxes and growing union and trial lawyer support are not the ingredients for private sector job creation.  The candidates we have chosen to support are willing to do what it takes to turn things around in Kansas.”

Kansas finished last in the nation in job growth in 2010 after years of government expansion under the previous administration.  Our vision is to create an environment that encourages private sector job growth through a competitive tax climate.  This will create a strong private sector to fund essential government services.  That way, we all win.

The uncompromising mission of the Chamber PAC is to grow jobs, not government. The business community in Kansas needs leaders in Topeka, like the legislators and candidates who have received Chamber PAC support, who share this vision.