Kansas Chamber Statement - Governor's 2012 State of the State Address

January 17, 2012

Topeka, KAN. (January 11, 2012) - "We appreciate Governor Brownback's efforts to reform state government by lessening the burden on the private sector and focusing on the core functions of state government.  We commend his plan for reducing state spending while following the law by leaving a 7.5%+ ending balance. He's right to abandon the old, failed economic growth model of spending nearly every dollar as the previous Administration did when they left town with $876 in the state's general fund in 2010. That is not a formula for success," stated Kent Beisner, President and CEO of the Kansas Chamber.

"Kansas simply cannot shed private sector jobs as it has over the last decade. Kansas had fewer private sector jobs in 2011 than it did in 2001. This is a direct result of a failed 'tax and spend' model propagated by previous administrations," Beisner continued.

"We welcome Governor Brownback's willingness to tackle the issue of tax reform and hope our friends in the legislature add to his proposal by gradually drawing down corporate income taxes along with individual income taxes.  Such reforms send a powerful signal that Kansas is 'open for business.'"