"Traditional" Republicans Show Their True Colors

August 3, 2012

Just a few days ago it became clear that those running for the Kansas Senate on a platform of "traditional" and "reasonable" principles for the Republican Party are anything but. Leadership of the Kansas Senate fought against pro-growth tax reform and against protecting businesses from litigation. They also strongly opposed and killed legislation to restore legislative intent regarding the business machinery and equipment property tax exemption after several counties ignored the law and increased property taxes up to 500% on Kansas employers. Leadership of the Kansas Senate has made it clear which interests they are trying to protect.

The Senate Republican Leadership Committee PAC has received and distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars, from private and public sector unions and the Democratic Party, into a newly formed and unknown PAC known as the Kansas Jobs PAC.

These twelve Senators which are campaigning on a platform of conservative values and limited government are now on record as strong allies of liberal Democrats, labor unions and trial lawyers.

Kansas was last in the nation in private sector job growth in 2010, and we had fewer private sector jobs in 2011 than we did in 1998. This is the legacy of their leadership; partnering with Democrats, including Governor Sebelius to grow state government to unsustainable levels.

Kansans can put a stop to endless growth of government on August 7 and restore fiscal responsibility while creating a competitive environment to attract businesses to the state. Through the passage of pro-growth measures such as the tax proposal signed by Governor Brownback in May, the private sector will flourish. A strong private sector leads to a vibrant public sector.

Over the last four years, President Obama has tried to place a higher priority on the public sector which relies on tax revenue from the private sector and we have seen how that model works. For the 43rd consecutive month unemployment has remained over 8%. Why would we continue to make the same mistakes in our state that Senate Leadership has embraced for so long? It's time for a new direction! It's time to vote for Kansas Chamber PAC-endorsed candidates!


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