Kansas Chamber & Members Disappointed with Veto of SB 22

Call on Kansas Legislature to Override Veto


Topeka, KS (March 25, 2019): Kansas Chamber President and CEO Alan Cobb issued the following statement Monday afternoon, following the announcement Kansas Governor Laura Kelly had vetoed Senate Bill 22:

“The Kansas Chamber and its members are disappointed Governor Laura Kelly vetoed Senate Bill 22, a bill that would have stopped an unintended state income tax increase on individuals and businesses.

Make no mistake, if Kansas doesn’t decouple from recent federal tax changes to prevent a Kansas tax increase, our state will be in an extremely uncompetitive position compared to nearly every other U.S. state, including our neighboring states by electing to start taxing foreign income.

Last year’s Tax Cuts and Job Act was meant to reduce the tax burden on individuals and businesses and to energize our country’s economy. Not to increase state taxes.

Both the Kansas House of Representatives and Senate overwhelmingly supported SB 22 because they recognized it stopped a tax increase on Kansans who cannot afford another tax increase.

Opponents of the Senate Bill 22 have done their best to distort and lie about what the bill does. Despite the claims of many, there is nothing in Senate Bill 22 that reduces current tax rates, eliminates any existing tax liability, or collapses tax brackets. Bottom line – SB 22 IS NOT a tax cut. To say otherwise is being untruthful to Kansans.

The Kansas Chamber and its members encourage lawmakers to override the Governor’s veto of SB 22. There is still time this session to right this wrong and to stop a Kansas tax increase on individuals and businesses.”



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