Kansas Chamber PAC Endorses in House & Senate General Races

Topeka, KAN. (Oct. 23, 2018) – The Kansas Chamber PAC announced Tuesday its candidate endorsements for the 2018 Kansas House and Senate General Elections.

“The Kansas Chamber PAC endorses candidates who are committed to the free-enterprise system and support pro-business policy objectives that help make Kansas a more competitive state and create opportunities for more jobs and economic growth to our communities,” said Alan Cobb, Kansas Chamber President and CEO.

The Kansas Chamber PAC bases its endorsements on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, candidate surveys and scorecards based on legislators’ voting history related to policies and issues important to the Kansas business community.

The PAC’s Kansas House and Senate endorsements for the 2018 General Elections are:

Kansas House Candidates
Michael Houser District 1
Terry Calloway District 3
Trevor Jacobs District 4
Jene Vickrey District 6
Chris Croft District 8
Doug Blex District 12
Charlotte Esau District 14
John Toplikar District 15
Eric Jenkins District 18
Kellie Warren District 28
Wendy Bingesser District 30
Willie Dove District 38
Owen Donahoe District 39
David French District 40
Tony Barton District 41
Bill Sutton District 43
Ron Ellis District 47
Abe Rafie District 48
Megan Lynn District 49
Ron Highland District 51
Ken Corbet District 54
Michael Snowden District 56
Francis Awerkamp District 61
Randy Garber District 62
J.R. Claeys District 69
John Barker District 70
Steve Kelly District 72
Les Mason District 73
Stephen Owens District 74
Will Carpenter District 75
Eric Smith District 76
Kristy Williams District 77
Ron Ryckman District 78
Cheryl Helmer District 79
Bill Rhiley District 80
Blake Carpenter District 81
Jesse Burris District 82
Renee Erickson District 87
Steve Huebert District 90
Emil Bergquist District 91
Leo Delperdang District 94
Nick Hoheisel District 97
Ron Howard District 98
Susan Humphries District 99
Dan Hawkins District 100
Joe Seiwert District 101
Paul Waggoner District 104
Brenda Landwehr District 105
Barbara Wasinger District 111
Tory Arnberger District 112
Jack Thimesch District 114
Kyle Hoffman District 116
John Resman District 121
Kansas Senate Candidates
Richard Hilderbrand District 13


The Chamber PAC announced earlier this month its endorsements of Republican candidates Kris Kobach for governor and Derek Schmidt for attorney general. You can learn more about the Kansas Chamber and its advocacy work on behalf of the Kansas business community at www.KansasChamber.org.



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