Kansas Chamber PAC Endorses in Governor and Attorney General Races


Topeka, KS – The Kansas Chamber PAC announced it is endorsing Republican candidates Kris Kobach for Governor and Derek Schmidt for Attorney General in the 2018 general elections.

“Kansas businesses compete with not only others in the same zip code but also with companies across the country and around the world. It is important that Kansans have elected leaders who truly understand the fundamental role business plays in the economic health of our state and who support a competitive business environment,” said Jennifer Baysinger, Kansas Chamber Vice President of Political Affairs.

Baysinger continued, “Kris Kobach and Derek Schmidt back policies and issues important to the Kansas business community. Issues that include legal reform, workers comp, tax policy, the school funding constitutional amendment, fair regulations and lowering the cost of doing business in Kansas. We appreciate their willingness to seek our members’ input and to work with the Chamber to resolve differences.”

As Kansas Attorney General, Schmidt has been a champion of the Kansas business community. Among his many efforts, he fought to preserve the state’s noneconomic damage cap and to prevent a long list of increased federal regulations during the Obama era which would have made it more difficult to do business (EPA, NLRB, DOL, etc.).

Like the Chamber and its members, Kobach believes Kansans deserve to keep more of their own, hard-earned money. He has proactively campaigned on reducing the tax burden for all Kansas families and businesses.

“As proven by the recent federal tax cuts, a pro-growth tax policy gives families more money in their pockets to pay off debt, save for their children’s higher education or invest in a new home. It enables businesses to give employees raises and bonuses, lets them invest in and expand their enterprises, create more jobs and give more to their local communities,” said Alan Cobb, Kansas Chamber President and CEO.

Cobb continued, “But this election is about more than tax policy. It’s about keeping our state on the path of economic growth. Elections matter and the policy makers we send to Topeka determine whether Kansas businesses will thrive or suffer under the burden of an ever-expanding government. We must elect and maintain in office those who will lead the charge for business, so our state and local economies can grow and create more jobs and prosperity for all Kansans.”

The Kansas Chamber PAC bases its endorsements on several factors, including but not limited to candidate questionnaires, voting records, decisions made while in office, candidate interviews and long term plans for the state.


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