Chamber Advocacy

Each legislative session, the Kansas Chamber focuses on the key issues impacting Kansas businesses, to influence legislation toward a more positive business climate in the state.


Our Legislative Agenda comes directly from Chamber members. We listen, form policies and an agenda based on their input and then take these issues and concerns directly to the policy-makers at the statehouse in Topeka. The Kansas Chamber is the ever-vigilant, ever-vocal partner of Kansas business at the statehouse. Read this year’s agenda.


At the end of each session, we evaluate the progress we made as it is expressed in real, positive legislative results for Kansas business, and report these in our Capitol Gains publication. Read about our latest policy wins.


The Chamber PAC is the financial avenue by which the business community can support candidates who work to improve the Kansas business climate. Strong member support makes it one of the most successful organizations of its kind in the state. It is just one of many ways that the Chamber, its members and member organizations work together to accomplish the goal of making Kansas a top ten state to do business. Learn more about the Chamber PAC.

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