Eight Products Move to 2nd Round of Coolest Thing Made In Kansas

Topeka, KAN. After more than 22,500 votes, eight products advanced in the second round of voting for the Kansas Manufacturing Council’s (KMC) 2020 Coolest Thing Made In Kansas.


The competition highlights the important impact the manufacturing industry has on the Kansas economy and helps raise awareness of the many products made in the state.


The eight products head to the second round of the tournament after receiving the highest votes in their head-to-head match ups during the first round, moving them one step closer to winning the ultimate prize – being named the Coolest Thing Made in Kansas.


The second round match-ups are:



Click here to vote or go to https://www.kansaschamber.org/ctmk_voting/.

The winner will be announced during the Kansas Manufacturing Summit on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at the Kansas Star Casino. The top four companies will be invited to display at the summit.

Voting Rules

      • Voting during the tournament is open to the public. A voter may vote once per match-up per round.
      • Nominated products will advance through a series of voting rounds.
      • Products receiving the highest number of votes during each voting period will advance rounds to top eight, four, and two.
      • The winner will be announced October 6th at the 2020 Kansas Manufacturing Summit.
      • The number of votes received will be reset at the beginning of each round.

2020 Contest Calendar

      • Sept. 14th: Nominations close
      • Sept. 15th: Announce Top 16
      • Sept. 16th – 21st: Voting for Top 16
      • Sept. 22nd: Announce Top 8
      • Sept. 23rd – 27th: Voting for Top 8
      • Sept. 28th: Announce Top 4
      • Sept. 28th – Oct. 1st: Voting for Top 4
      • Oct. 2nd: Announce Top 2
      • Oct. 2nd – Oct. 5th: Voting for Top 2
      • Oct. 6th: 2020 Winner Announced



For more information, contact Sherriene Jones-Sontag.

Posted Sept. 16, 2020


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