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Listen To Call About Kansas COVID-19 Response


The Kansas Chamber hosted a conference call Wednesday afternoon with Kansas Department of Commerce Secretary David Toland and Kansas Department of Labor Secretary Delia Garcia.  The secretaries discussed the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and answered questions submitted by Chamber members.



Call Topics/Time Markers
  • 4:25: State Unemployment Insurance Changes,
  • 7:35: State Unemployment Insurance Tax Changes
  • 9:30: Federal Gov’t Funding for Unemployment
  • 11:15: Self-quarantined Employee Eligibility
  • 12:55: CISA-focused “Stay At Home” Orders
  • 20:10: Economic Stimulus/Loans
  • 22:30: SBA loans
  • 23:30: CDBG Program
  • 26:50: Other State Assistance
  • 29:30: Current Unemployment Levels
  • 31:30: What can Business do to help


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