New App Puts Kansas Legislature at Kansans’ Finger Tips


Just in time for the upcoming legislative session, the Kansas Chamber this week launched a new legislative app that provides direct access to the latest information about state lawmakers, committees, bills and much more. The new app is sponsored by AT&T.

“Kansans need an on-the-go connection to the Kansas Legislature that is simple to use. Thanks to the support of AT&T, the Kansas Chamber is able to provide a digital tool that will help all Kansans connect with their state and federal elected officials and track state legislation – at no cost,” said Kansas Chamber President and CEO Alan Cobb.

This is the second edition of the Chamber’s legislative app. The first app replaced the Chamber’s long tradition of providing pocket-sized legislative booklets printed every two years.

“AT&T is excited to continue its support of the Chamber’s legislative app that gives immediate access to and information on Kansas legislative matters to the public. This app offers Kansans the opportunity for more dialogue with our elected officials and provides better transparency on how our state functions,” said Jim Jamison, President, AT&T Kansas.

The new app also features access to information about the Chamber’s foundation, programs, and events.

The Chamber partnered with the team at Propaganda3 to build its new app. Based in downtown Overland Park, Kansas, Propaganda3 is a digital production studio that specializes in the design and development of industry-leading and award-winning software, games, mobile apps and websites. Since 2001 they have specialized in informing and entertaining people by designing and developing industry-leading and award-winning websites, mobile apps, games, enterprise software solutions, digital experiences and more. For more information, visit

The new Kansas Chamber app can be downloaded from the Google or Apple app stores.


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