Kansas Business Community Releases 2022 Legislative Priorities


Topeka, KAN., – The Kansas Chamber on Sunday released its 2022 Legislative and Policy Agenda, a comprehensive plan focused on strengthening the Kansas economy and removing barriers to job growth and business expansion.


“The Kansas Chamber and its members believe as more job creators recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, so will their employees, their communities, and our great state,” said Chamber President and CEO Alan Cobb. “However, Kansas cannot continue its progress to improve its business climate without a vision that is led by innovation and the competitive nature of the free market and private sector.”


Cobb continued, “The policy items outlined in the Chamber’s 2022 agenda lay the groundwork to remove government-imposed barriers to job growth, continue to reduce unnecessary regulations, and improve our state’s legal system.”


The recommendations fall under nine policy areas, including health care, taxation, government efficiency, and legal reform, among others. Particular areas of priority for the business community this session include:


  • Supporting access to telemedicine and other service options that increase healthcare options and lower costs to Kansans and employers without prohibiting the right of businesses to freely contract for services. (Health Care)
  • Supporting policies which eliminate government restrictions on medical professionals’ ability to perform duties within the scope of practice of their professional training. (Health Care)
  • Using a portion of significant budget surplus for overall rate reduction. (Taxation)
  • Supporting legislation which grants corporate taxpayers the choice between the current three-factor apportionment formula and a new, single-factor sales-based formula. (Taxation)
  • Supporting a new tax credit for employers who participate in the Kansas Registered Apprenticeship Program. (Education & Workforce Development)
  • Supporting legislation which requires disclosure of third-party financing of litigation. (Legal Reform)
  • Supporting legislation implementing safeguards to protect consumers against misleading lawsuit advertising. (Legal Reform)
  • Ensuring ARPA fiscal recovery fund dollars focus on one-time investments. (Government Efficiency)


“Increasing healthcare access by providing increased flexibility for frontline providers and treatment is among the Kansas business community’s top priorities, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect operations and workforce. We look forward to working with the Kansas Legislature and Governor Laura Kelly on this critical issue that impacts all Kansans,” said Cobb.

Input for the agenda is gathered from the Chamber member task groups and in-person meetings throughout the state as well as from research from its Annual Business Leaders Poll and Annual Competitiveness Index.


Click here to read more about the Chamber’s 2022 legislative agenda, including the full list of priorities.



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Posted: January 9, 2022

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