The mission of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce is to continually strive to improve the economic climate for the benefit of every business and citizen and to safeguard our system of free, competitive enterprise. 


The vision of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce is to make Kansas a top state to do business.


The Chamber is member-driven and its strength comes from hundreds of Kansas employers of every size. The Chamber listens to its members, forms policy and a Legislative Agenda and then takes the issues and concerns of Kansas businesses directly to the policymakers.


The Kansas Chamber partners with other pro-business organizations and local chambers to promote business-friendly legislation and garner support statewide. The Chamber’s Legislative Agenda focuses on creating a more positive business climate that allows for more jobs and economic growth in our communities.


Politically Active

The Kansas Chamber researches political candidates, encourages pro-business candidates to run for office and supports their campaigns. The Chamber PAC, one of the most successful organizations of its kind in the state, gives the Kansas business community a channel to finance pro-business candidates.

What our members say

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