Return On Investment

The Kansas Chamber’s lobbying efforts at the Statehouse have resulted in a significant savings for the state business community.


Member investment allows our team to advocate on their behalf to lower the costs of every business in Kansas. From tax policy to human resources, legal reform to energy; the cost of compliance continues to escalate.


The return on investment finds the Chamber’s recent legislative successes have saved Kansas businesses more than $877 million. Those savings include:


  • Elimination of estate tax (2005 – present); $55M annual/$40.74 per Employee
  • Elimination of CM&E property tax (2006 – present); $53M annual/$39.17 per Employee
  • Expensing (2011 – present); $47M annual/$35.18
  • HPIP* (2012); $59m
  • PEAK* (2009); $46m
  • Work Comp Reform (2015); $49M annual/$35.44 per Employee
  • UI tax rebate/credit* (2014); $42M/$30.28 per Employee


To see a complete list of accomplishments, including others that are more difficult to quantify, click here to view our most recent Capitol Gains.


*for qualifying companies



NOTE: Estimated savings are from the Kansas Legislative Research Department testimony before the Kansas Legislature. The cost per employee average is calculated by dividing estimated savings by the number of non-farm employees in the state as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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