Kansas Chamber Applauds Kansas House for Its Approval of SB 22

Representatives vote 76-43 to stop Kansas tax increase
Topeka, Kan. (March 9, 2019) – Kansas Chamber President and CEO Alan Cobb released the following statement regarding the Kansas House of Representatives passing Senate Bill 22 with a vote of 76-43.
“The Kansas House of Representatives overwhelming agreed Friday that now is not the time to raise taxes on Kansas citizens and businesses.
The Kansas Chamber and its members applaud House Speaker Ron Ryckman, Speaker Pro Tem Blaine Finch, Majority Leader Dan Hawkins, Tax Committee Chairman Steven Johnson and Vice-Chairman Les Mason for their leadership and the Representatives who voted to decouple from last year’s federal tax cuts. They understand that the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act was meant to reduce Americans’ tax burden and to energize our economy – not to unintentionally increase state taxes.
Senate Bill 22 has been labeled as a tax cut for “large multi-national corporations.” That’s simply untrue. The truth is this legislation stops a tax increase on individuals and small and large businesses. SB 22 restores the ability for Kansans and small businesses to itemize on their state tax returns, even if they take the standard deduction on their federal tax returns. SB 22 prevents a tax increase on home-grown Kansas companies who have assumed risk and successfully expanded into foreign markets. Bottom line, SB 22 prevents unnecessary punishment in state tax code caused by changes made in December 2017 by Congress.
The Chamber looks forward to working with Governor Kelly to ensure she does not increase the state tax burden on Kansas citizens and businesses.”
SB 22 As Amended now returns to the Kansas Senate for consideration of amendments made to the bill by the Kansas House of Representatives.

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