Kansas Chamber Releases Plan to Restart State Economy Safely


Topeka, KAN – The Kansas Chamber Wednesday released more than 40 recommendations gathered from the state’s business community to help restart the state’s economy as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to ease.

“The Kansas business community’s priority is ensuring its employees are safe and healthy while working to provide the much-needed support, services and products during this global crisis,” said Chamber President and CEO Alan Cobb. “At some point, possibly soon, the health crisis will subside to the point where business and society can begin to reopen. To ensure Kansas is ready, state and local government officials and business leaders should work together to develop specific health metrics and safety criteria, that when met, will give businesses, their employees and citizens confidence in the safety of their workplaces so we can begin to reopen the Kansas economy.”

The Relief and Recovery Agenda reflects related health and economic data as well as input from chamber members and other business organizations from across the state, representing all industries and business sectors.

Cobb said the safety and health of Kansans should continue to be the priority as the state begins to allow more Kansans to get back to work.

“Kansas needs to ensure the state’s plan includes a process to move Kansas from criteria for “essential businesses” to a plan for “safe businesses” that allows all businesses to perform their functions in a manner completely safe for their employees, customers and society,” said Cobb. “The health status of geographic regions should be taken into consideration. There also should be specific protections for those most vulnerable based on age and/or health status.”

The agenda includes short and long-term recommendations. Most require either to be enacted with an executive order by Governor Laura Kelly or require action by the Kansas Legislature.

“Kansas was one of the last states to fully recover from the 2008-09 recession. The economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis will have long-term consequences. It is the hope of the Kansas business community, our state will begin planning now so our state is leading the country’s recovery efforts this time,” said Cobb.

Click here to read the Chamber’s Relief and Recovery Agenda.

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